Our Mission

The mission of the SCRCHA is to improve the quality of the western reined stock horse; to perpetuate the early Spanish traditions of highly trained and well reined working cow horses; to promote exhibits and cow horse events and contests in expositions and shows; to promote the training of reined cow horses and to promote interest in reined working cow horses among the younger horsemen in Southern California’s region of the United States; to use and encourage the use of standard rules for holding and judging contests of the reined working cow horse.

2017 board members


Christy mcsweeny, president

Roy Rich, Vice president, rules and ethics, & sponsorship committee


Vanessa Norris, Secretary

Sophie Larsson Priest, Show Manager

Jim Sutton, Treasurer

Jimmy flores, rules and ethics

sunni mccormick, merchandise coordinator, advertising, & social media coordinator

Bill Wilson, sponsorship committee

shelley schaffer, awards